Dinner at our house, Christmas themed edition

Dinner at our house, christmas themed edition.

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Christmas Card Time

It’s that time of year again! Time to send out our family Christmas cards. We’ve been getting more cards for friends and family each day, so we figured we might as well get around to doing our card for this year. It’s amazing how quickly December flies by!

Each year we head on over to Shutterfly, connect our Flickr account and create our annual Christmas card masterpiece. We recommend using Shutterfly, especially if you are a Flickr user. Getting your photos over and usable is super easy (compared to uploading individual pictures on most other sites) and the quality of the cards/designs can’t be beat for the price.

For the last three years, we have also taken advantage of special offers from Shutterfly to create calendars, which we give out as gifts to family members. Everyone loves getting to see 12 months of our lovely little ladies!

Other gift ideas we’ve used in the past include Shutterfly’s photo books, which make great presents and keepsakes. If you have a lot of pictures you want to share, photo books are the best choice for sure.

The hardest part is finding the right combination of pictures to use! We spend hours creating our cards and gifts, tweaking the layout and picture selection — the possibilities seem endless!  We think we’ve found a great looking card for this year, so if we have your address keep an eye on your mailbox for this year’s Dettbarn Christmas card.

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Christmas Time!

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Nice Work, TSA

Exclusive: TSA frisks groom children to cooperate with sex predators, abuse expert says | Raw Story.

Ken Wooden, founder of Child Lures Prevention, says the TSA’s recommendation that children be told the pat-down is a “game” is potentially putting children in danger.

Telling a child that they are engaging in a game is “one of the most common ways” that sexual predators use to convince children to engage in inappropriate contact, Wooden told Raw Story.


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Zoo Day!

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